The Challenge

Do you ever feel like no-one is listening to you on twitter or wonder how some people seem to have so many followers?

I’m going to let you into a little twitter secret:  The fastest way to grow your follower count is to find carefully chosen tweeters and follow them. Do you follow back your followers because you think it is polite to do so? Well chances are they will too!

But how do you find the right tweeters to follow and what should you be looking for when you choose tweeters to follow?

Well that is what #TheHubChallenge is all about. All through September, we will be giving you hints and tips to help you to find new accounts to follow and we will also be recommending some of our members for you to follow.


Follow 10 ‘Acting Industry Twitter Accounts’ every day, for a month.
Sit back and watch your followers grow!
Once you’ve followed 10 accounts, tweet the following:
” I’ve completed #TheHubChallenge for today “

The challenge is free to join in, you just have to make a commitment to find and follow 10 new tweeters every day through the month. You can do it on the train, on your lunch break, in bed before you get up, at the pub when your mates are being boring 🙂
Make a note of your follower numbers at the beginning of the month and check them again at the end. You will be amazed how much you have grown in just one month.You’ll surprise yourself.


The first question is what is a twitter list and where do you find them:

Anyone can create a list and it is very simple to do. You may well be on several lists yourself already without even realising it. A list is just a collection of twitter accounts gathered together for a variety of different reasons. Some people create lists based on sectors, others based on people they interact with or maybe just people with big followings who are influential.

To find out which lists you (or anyone else) are on, go to your profile page and you will see menus for tweets, following, followers and listed.If you click on “listed” it will show you all the public lists you are on. If you click on a list, you will just see the tweets of the people on that list. You can also click on following to see the accounts in the list or followers to see who is following the list.

But how does that help?
Firstly, it can be useful to find people who are like you. For example, I am on a list called “Actors” which could help me to find other actors for projects, jobs etc. It could also help you to find people who are like your best customers or favourite tweeters. Just check which lists they are on and see who else is on the list.

Lists are particularly helpful as you increase the number of people you are following. When you first start out, you may try to read every tweet in your timeline like you would on facebook and when you are following 10 people this is probably fine. Bus as you start following more people, this gets more and more difficult until if you are not careful, you can become a slave to twitter – trust me, that happens.

There may be times when you have half an hour to scan your timeline but you can’t be on twitter all day and there may be people whose tweets you don’t want to miss. To add someone to your list, just go to their profile, click on the head icon and choose “add to list” You can then choose which of your lists you want to add them to.

You may also want to use lists to divide the people you follow into groups and you may want to only look at the tweets from a particular group, ie by region or sector or even based on how many followers they have.

You can be very creative with lists as I hope I have proved and the more you use them, the more you will see the power of them.

I have also found that they can be very time consuming to create so think carefully about how you want to use them and how you are going to keep them up to date.

If you are serious about growing your business or profile on twitter, you really need to get to understand the power of twitter lists!

1 thought on “The Challenge”

  1. Thanks for the post, just starting out in acting and twitter so very helpful.
    Thanks again.

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