About The Hub

industry hub

The Hub network was set up on 3rd September 2011 to help promote the UK acting industry in the ever growing social media circles.

I’d like to start off by using this quote for people who may be skeptical or just don’t ‘get it’, just yet.

“From small seeds big trees grow”.
Someone clever said that, not sure who.

The idea and the concept is very simple:
You follow us, we follow you! You promote us, we promote you! (as long as you are involved in the UK Acting Industry).

The idea being that as an industry if we support one another, from within our own community, we all prosper and grow.
For example: Actors get to network & grow their contact base with the ‘right’ people, Casting folks can publish & share casting information more widely, Training providers can share courses and classes to a wider audience, Acting Showcases and events will reach wider audiences meaning more bums on seats, venues get to widely publicize their facilities and get more bookings, Make up & Hair artists can publicise their services to people in their industry for support & word of mouth business, Actors who make cupcakes or handmade jewellery could improve their sales word of mouth … this list could go on and on. The potential is vast.

It’s easy to think ‘this isn’t going to help me/my business’ but referrals within a specific area has proven time and time again how effective it is. See BNI for examples of the type of referral/recommendation system that we want to create.

If we use our ‘network’ as a way use & support ‘our’ own industry members and to recommend them or their services to our friends and our contacts, we start to create something amazing and powerful.

Anyone can follow the Hub Network but only UK acting industry participants (business or individuals) can be members. The Hub Network maintains several public lists which are really helpful starting point if you want to grow your following on twitter ‘with the right people’. Use these freely and remember to follow us!

We promote the network and it’s members all the time! And we ask our members to do the same – it’s really simple!

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