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Twitter #ffSo every Friday on Twitter you see the same influx of messages on your timeline:
#ff @some_random_name @someoneyouveneverheardof @afriendofafriend @someoneiwishwouldfollowme @thatguywiththeabs @thatcutegirl @someoneiwanttoimpress @iwishiwasthisperson @anotherrandomname
You get where i’m going with this right?

My question is does #ff (Follow Friday) work anymore?

In one way, I would say Yes it does, it engages people to SHARE information, so that check-box is definitely ticked.

But ultimately, it’s the way that information is shared that I think is the real problem. It has now become just names with a #ff next to it. But who are these people and why should I spend my time following inanely people who I don’t know and what they talk about? Only to fill up my personal timeline with useless tweets that will bore, annoy or put me off logging back into Twitter.

Here are some examples of what I think a good #ff tweet should look like
(1st one taken from a real users page)

Example 1:
» FOLLOW @Leemountjoy – West End Casting Director who may sit on the panel for #MonologueSlam UK Ldn in the near future!

Example 2:
@industryhub #ff These are UK Actors who are fun & tweet a lot:
@actor1 @actor2 @actor3 @actor4 @actor5

Example 3
@industryhub #ff Here are my favourite acting schools in Scotland:
@dramaclass1 @dramaschoolname2 @dramaclass3
@dramaschoolname4 @dramaclass5

Example 4:
@industryhub #ff If you need a vocal coach please follow @vocalcoachname , she’s amaze-balls. Oh and my acting coach he’s lovely and needs followers too @actingcoachname.

Each of the above states who is being recommended for #ff and most importantly why. You can then make the decision of, would I like to follow this person or not?
sheep twitterTo blindly follow people on a #FF is simply silly.
<< Sheep Follow.

You may have nothing in common with the people you are now following, they may never speak to you and all they do is clutter your timeline with Tweets from people you don’t know and probably will never know. Isn’t it better to follow people who you are actively interested in what they say, people you can engage with and people who are ‘in your industry‘? Like minded folks?
I think so.

Better still, if you can do all the above, EVERYDAY, rather than just on a Friday I’d love you even more. Why set aside just ONE day a week to share awesome people/organisations that you have found? Do it everyday! I do. You’ll feel so much better doing it, people are more likely to read your recommendation on a Tuesday, than on a Friday when there timeline is swamped with blue names every other minute, people zone out and can’t be bothered following every single #ff they see on a Friday anymore.

I saw this Twitter user @momsofamerica do something awesome for #FF and I think it’s a rather fabulous idea which I myself will be adopting. Instead of sending out (what i think are becoming ghastly) blue-tinged packed tweets containing barrels of names with no explanation of who they were… She created a List called FollowFriday and sent out that one link to her followers telling them to go there to see who she recommended. Thus decluttering twitter on a Friday. Genius. (see my previous blog if you’re wondering what a List is). Her tweet would look This:

Example Tweet:

Please follow all of the wonderful people in my #FF http://twitter.com/#!/MomsofAmerica/followfriday

Bam! Job done for the whole day.

1) Don’t blindly recommend people because
#FF should = Only the very best

2) Explain why you are recommending them

3) Spread out your recommendations throughout the week, not just on Fridays.

In no way am I saying Stop doing #ff but I am saying how about considering doing it in a more effective, useful way and particularly doing it in a way that helps to support & grow your industry even further.

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