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TwitterListsIf you are new to Twitter,you’ve probably done the classic thing that everyone does when they first arrive: Follow celebrities or follow people with a lot of followers.

But Why?

If you’re following a lot of people, it can be hard to keep track of who’s who and to make sure you see updates from the people that count.

Have you ever felt like “Oh my god, there’s so much information on my timeline and i don’t know what’s going on”? – And then just gave up on it?

I’ve heard so many actors say about Twitter “I Don’t get it” – “It makes no sense to me, what am I supposed to do”? “How can it help my acting career, when people just talk about last nights dinner and what shoes to wear out?”.

Or you see the ones who ARE on Twitter fumbling about, not quite knowing what they are doing but keep going at it. Those are the folks we want to connect with.
To be on it and active is a great starting point, now we need to help you understand it properly, figure how to use it effectively (to help your career or your business) and to make you an invaluable part of the Twitter Community.

Well you can start by Unfollowing the types of people who send useless tweets, and focusing spending your valuable time on tweeps who do have something useful, informative to say…people in your local area and people in the
community that you are interested in.

Secondly you have to become organised using Twitter other wise it becomes a living hell of non stop information, conversations, Retweets, crys for help blah blah blah. And you’ll end up jacking it in again.

Tip of the day: If you open a new twitter account don’t try to follow everyone or follow celebs just because everyone else does. Use your time wisely, follow wisely.

Organising people you follow into Lists
(both public and private) can help you keep tabs on what’s important to you. Remember that you don’t have to follow someone in order to add them to your list, just right click on arrow next to name and add them to a list (or create a new list).

For Example: useful lists you could create:  Fellow actors, Casting Directors, Agents in London, Theatre Venues, Make up Artists, Vocal Coaches. people you’ve met in real life at networking events, bloggers who you want to follow regularly etc. 

Then the next time you log in, don’t get bogged down with the timeline tweets, go to the section marked “Lists” on the right hand side of twitter, click on “Casting Directors list” and read the latest from all the casting directors without being bothered by other mindless tweets.

Trust me, your appreciation for Twitter will suddenly grow quickly and you’ll begin to “Get it”.

Reading stuff you want to read rather than being swamped by Guff.

This will make also make it easier for you to manage and develop your relationships with these people.

And of course Follow IndustryHub on Twitter if you aren’t already.