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Sunday 4th of September was the day I decided to start the Twitter online campaign for @IndustryHub. From 12pm until 12am I ferociously Followed users in a specific targeted way and tweeted like a mad person.

As soon as people followed us back I retweeted them announcing our new followers, which in turn meant those people who saw their name in my message, then Retweeted that message to their followers sharing us to a wider audience… and on and on it went.

Within a few hours my timeline was buzzing with new posts, new @mentions, new RT’s, new questions, and i think i barely made it to the bathroom more than once in a 12 hr period!

I was working off adrenalin, but realised fast, I needed to get organised before it became too much.

First off was hootsuite!
I use this to view all incoming data – @ messages, sent messages, retweets and incoming – all in 1 view!

Second was creating lists!
I created numerous lists to sort people into AS SOON AS they followed me, I cannot have a backlog or it will stress me out. Adding people to lists is not a quick process when you have lots of people.

I joined Klout to track our influence.
In 1 day we went from 10 to 38! An increase of 28 in 1 day.

Apparently klout says: “You have a small but tightly formed network that is highly engaged” Just what I wanted, so pleased!

First day stats: 0 followers to 56 followers (at 01.30am)