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Monday 5th of September
Was much calmer and an easier day to handle as I was organised from Sunday. Lists made a tremendous difference and I have ‘lived’ on Hootsuite all day. Today was again about thanking people for becoming members and RT’ing us.

All day I steadily watched the followers go up. It’s a wonderful feeling when you hit refresh and then you get a jump up in numbers, it’s like ‘Surprise’.
But it’s also disappointing when you refresh 5 mins later and it hasn’t changed (I know, i’m demanding right?)

There is a now a core bunch of between 5-10people who seem to really ‘get it’.
When I check messages being re-tweeted I see the same people consistently supporting and Re-tweeting.
I love these guys! I may have to implement a ‘Top RT Member of The day’ or something, because some are just brilliant! More and more people are using the hashtag #TheHubChallenge and actually doing it! They are Following 10 people in the UK acting community, it’s fabulous to see.

I am seeing members on the actors list, actually making new friends and talking to each other, it’s such a brilliant feeling to see it working.

I still wish MORE people understood the potential and the power of Twitter, the potential to do so much is there – but at the moment, ppl are still using Twitter as a not very serious thing, or use it with a bit of trepidation, still scared of what to Re-tweet or even How to Re-tweet. And then there are those who tweet just that ‘bit too much’, you know the ones, the ones who discuss and live their whole life on Twitter.
I wouldn’t for 1 second tell someone how to use Twitter, but I do wish more people would think to themselves about how they are coming across. I don’t mean just to their friends, but to future colleagues, people in your industry… Some people can harm themselves by tweeting ‘too much’ information. You never know who is seeing your Tweets (remember its public) or when that particular ‘something’ you’ve said on Twitter could come back to bite you in the A*se. Use it wisely.

There’s a long way to go yet, but things are definitely moving in the right direction.

Second day stats: 56 followers to 115 followers (at 10.30pm)
Day 1 gained 56 followers
Day 2 Gained 59 followers