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The Hub Circle of Friends
Thanks for visiting us today to learn more about what we are doing on Twitter and with Social Media to help promote and Market the UK Acting Industry.

There’s a lot to take in at the moment, so please follow these easy steps to get involved:
1) Read what this is all about
2) Follow us on Twitter, or open a Twitter account to get involved
3) Send us information about your projects, your business, events, anything.
4) Follow and RT people in your industry on Twitter… Watch your followers grow.
5) Take part in #TheHubChallenge

By Retweeting acting industry folk you are supporting and promoting your own industry.

*Twitter is by far the most cost effective marketing tool online, use it to grow!

Follow 10 acting industry twitter accounts every day. Watch your followers grow!
Once you’ve followed 10 accounts, tweet the following:
” I’ve completed #TheHubChallenge for today “

Make a record of your followers at the start of the month and then let us know how much you’ve grown at the end of the month. You’ll surprise yourself.