Actors – Why you need a good profile picture on Twitter!


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This is an EGG!

I read a post via Twitter the other day, I don’t remember who wrote it (or else I’d link back to their post happily)… But it was all about why having a profile picture on your Twitter page was SO important.

It struck a cord with me as I looked through the followers on the IndustryHub Twitter Page Followers with no images and thought… hmm, if i met this person at an event or on the street, would I know who they were? Probably not.

Firstly, it’s a great ice breaker for the ‘real world’.

If you’re at a networking event for actors, a tweetup or even at an audition… wouldn’t it be nice to see a familiar face and be able to go up to that person and say “Hey, how are you? We’ve talked on Twitter before, i’m {insert your name here}”… Conversations ensues.

Secondly, you’re ever so gently planting your face into the memory of casting directors and agents whom you engage with on Twitter. Subliminally, but it happens. I’m not saying this will get you direct work right now… But in the future…. who knows right?

Thirdly and this may be the most important point.
Use your headshot if you are an Actor on your twitter page.
Use your company logo if you are a showreel company, use a montage if you are a photographer (easier to do than you may think).

But use a relevant picture that reflects you and what you do.

When I see a professional actor headshot on Twitter I think, yup, that’s an actor! Instantly. I bet you do too?

When I see an EGG ~ I think, if you can’t be bothered, neither will I.
I just won’t follow you.

Enough with the eggs already

A default twitter EGG ~ screams, i’m insecure and don’t want people to know who I am OR I just wont take this twitter thing seriously. So I don’t take you seriously, neither will anyone else in the industry. Who wants to talk to an EGG? C,mon.

Even spammers on Twitter have advanced and use profile pictures now (likely stolen), but even those swines know that people will follow back if you have a picture.

Get a good, current, profile picture up to day!

Sidenote: I do like eggs, normally for breakfast…
Just not on Twitter.